Tips for Taking Road Trips With Young Children, Part I: Ferries

Traveling with young children is always challenging. Their priorities don't line up with the wishes of older siblings or with their parents' plans. Young children need supervision, attention, regular meals and snacks, and plenty of sleep, all of which may be hard to organize on a lengthy road trip. 

If you are taking a road trip with young children, the key to success is advance planning. You will have to think about drive times, play breaks, nap times, food, restaurants (not the same thing as food), toys, and hotel stays. We've found that creating interesting transportation experiences helps young children enjoy road trips.

Ferry journeys offer a break from long-distance driving, give everyone an excuse to get out of the car, and provide a different way of looking at the ways our forebears got from place to place. Crossing a lake or river by ferry isn't very expensive, and traveling by ferry will probably save you time.

Besides, traveling by ferry is fun! Blue water makes a great backdrop for pictures, and the ferry crew might be willing to take a family photo during your journey. That's what happened to us on the Fort Ticonderoga Ferry last month.

Many ferries close down during the winter months, so be sure to check your ferry's schedule before you travel.

Photo credit: Old Line Photography