Visit Blue Star Museums for Free Through Labor Day Weekend

I've mentioned Blue Star Museums before, but now that summer is in full swing, traveling military families should take advantage of the opportunity to visit museums across the U.S. free of charge. If you are active duty, National Guard or on Reserve status, you and your family are eligible for free admission to participating Blue Star Museums from now through Labor Day weekend.

In my state, Maryland, over 30 museums offer free admission to Blue Star families this summer. I have visited just 10 of the Blue Star Museums in Maryland, I am ashamed to admit, but I can assure you that every one of those 10 museums is worth a visit. I would say this even if the Blue Star Museums program did not exist; I would be more than willing to pay the posted admission fee to visit any or all of the Blue Star Museums in Maryland. 

Happily, Blue Star Museums are waiving admission fees for active duty, National Guard and Reserve members and families, as they have for the past seven years. There's still time before Labor Day to check out a Blue Star Museum with your family!

The American Windmill Museum in Lubbock, Texas (pictured), is also a Blue Star Museum. I visited this fascinating museum last summer and had a wonderful time. If you're ever in Lubbock, be sure to visit!

Photo copyright Old Line Photography.